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Pure Pipes

Tommy Chong´s PurePipes are handcrafted pipes from Erfurt, Germany. They unite the classic art of handicraft with modern design and functionality. The pipes are manufactured with great love and passion for wood and its uses. Both the drawing resistance and volume of the packing chamber have been designed specifically for smoking herbs. The packing chamber is coated in hemp carbon. Tommy Chong´s PurePipes enable the wood to breathe better and does not affect the taste.

Cool Grinders

Possibly the best grinder ever, and definitely the best wood grinder made so far, non-metal, non-abrasive, “magnetized” and hand crafted from century-old repurposed wood by an artisan in Germany.

Organic CBD

Tommy Chong and ALPINOLS: 

A connection that grew out of the love for the hemp plant.  The three Legend products are 10% CBD concentration based on organic hemp seed oil,  water-soluble CBD drops with turmeric and vitamin C, and announcing our strongest ever, 30% full spectrum CBD oil!

Paradise Seeds

Are you looking for great seeds to grow your next crop? Tommy Chong’s Collection is an exclusive collaboration with one of Amsterdam’s oldest seed banks, Paradise Seeds. Check out the range of high-quality feminized cannabis seeds that combine the very best of Californian and European genetics. The collection features a choice of Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, and Autoflower strains.

Tommy Chong’s CBD in the UK

Tommy Chong’s CBD UK are products Manufactured in the UK with the Tommy Chong stamp of approval.  Available to buy online along with distribution and wholesale opportunities in the UK & Europe.  

The range includes Shatter, Vape, Edibles, Soft Gels, and Cosmetics all edibles have been submitted to the UK Food Standard Agency and lab tested. 

We have included the use of CBG in most products to offer a different stronger product to those on the market. Click on the logo and header for more information.